Name: Woodsaka Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Address: 1032 Budapest, Föld utca 53. pinceszint 1. ajtó, Hungary.

Email: support@woodsaka.com

All Woodsaka products are warranted for materials and workmanship for six months (under normal use) from the date of order.

Warranty only covers Woodsaka products purchased from Woodsaka online store, e-commerce channels where Woodsaka is a direct seller, and authorized dealers.

Woodsaka provides services such as fixing, exchange or money return for damages/defects incurred from normal use.

Warranty does not cover products not manufactured by Woodsaka, even if packaged and sold with the product.

Any alteration, modification, misuse or abuse made on the original product will void the warranty.

The warranty is valid only within the specified Terms and Conditions.

The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

-Natural discoloration and normal wear in wood over time.

-Change in color and texture of natural materials.

-Color mismatch in natural material. Color and pattern difference with images or color charts.

-Scratching of the surface of wooden and metal products, and paint peeling resulting from contact with sharp materials, .

-Damages caused by water, direct sun, or exposure to extreme heat.

-Products damaged by dropping or placing excessive weight on the surface.

-Failure to follow the assembly instructions, improper assembly, modifications or additions will void the warranty.

Woodsaka guarantee does not cover the side products-tools that are used together with our products.

Guarantee Procedure

To make a warranty claim, please contact us using the Contact Form with the order number, description of the damage or problem, and images showing the problem.

For questions regarding Warranty Policy contact us at:


or by mail at:

Woodsaka Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

1032 Budapest, Föld utca 53. pinceszint 1. ajtó, Hungary.