Our Story

Woodsaka KFT designs, manufactures and distributes products for home-office workspaces.
Built on design, craftsmanship, testing, quality materials and continuous improvement, Woodsaka's story began in 2015.
Woodsaka's collections are the result of meticulous production processes. Attention to detail and mastery always balance tradition and innovation, enhancing creativity, elegance and design.

Our Values

All of Woodsaka's collections are designed, tested and manufactured by Woodsaka. Every stage, from concept to prototype production and creation of the final product, is a journey to creating excellent quality home & office workspace products and accessories at Woodsaka standards.
Original designs, craftsmanship, quality materials, constantly evolving collections and a passion for perfection: these are the values that Woodsaka relies on.
Based in Hungary, Woodsaka KFT provides direct service and support to its customers all over the world with its collections for home & office workspaces.

Where to Find Us?



1032 Budapest, Föld utca 53. pinceszint 1. ajtó, Hungary


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