You'll love the convenience and versatility that comes with this comprehensive set of office stationary.


3Line is an exceptional line of office equipment and the ultimate solution for all your desktop needs that can help you achieve your goals as a busy professional.

Crafted with the finest walnut and cherry wood, these products from 3Line are designed to bring harmony and aesthetics into your office space. Among the products included in the 3Line series, you can find a monitor stand that not only elevates your screen to an ideal height but also boasts ample storage for your daily necessities. Plus, our desk organizer is designed to keep all your workspace essentials easily accessible and organized. The 3Line desktop organizer is another innovative product that will transform the way you work, featuring compartments for all your stationery needs, including pens, notepads, paper clips, erasers, rulers, and compasses, in one place. The document box included in the 3Line series is the perfect choice to store your A4 papers, magazines, and other documents.

Every single item in this series, including the two-section pen holder, is crafted in our Woodsaka workshop, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Transform your workspace and achieve unmatched levels of productivity with the 3Line series. Start exploring today!