The Secrets of Quality – Part 1

One of the main things to consider when shopping is the quality of the product. So, let’s talk about what quality means. What makes Woodsaka products, like desk organizers or pen holders, stand out as high-quality? That’s what we’ll explore today.

When we look at the literature, we find many definitions of quality because it is viewed from different perspectives. Some focus on the user, others on the product or the production process. Generally, a high-quality product is one that meets our desires, purposes, and expectations. A product is made to fulfill a specific need, so if it does this, it is considered high-quality. But that’s not enough. The product must also be durable and suitable for its intended use.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines quality as the set of characteristics that allow a product or service to meet specified or potential needs. The European Quality Control Organization simplifies it: quality is how well a product or service meets consumer demands. The American Quality Control Association adds that quality is the sum of characteristics that determine a product’s or service’s ability to meet an existing requirement. In short, quality is about providing products and services that match customer demands.

A product is high-quality if it has the following attributes: intended use, conditions and features of use, durability, lifespan, installation, and maintenance. High-quality attributes generally fall into two categories: design quality and conformance quality. Customer satisfaction determines design quality, while conformance quality is about how well the product meets its design goals. For example, your satisfaction with a Woodsaka office desk organizer reflects its design quality, and how well it meets the design goals reflects its conformance quality. In other words, a high-quality pen holder is one that lasts long, organizes your pens well, and is enjoyable to use. Achieving conformance quality requires good production capabilities and effective monitoring and control mechanisms. By following these steps, each of our wooden office accessories matches our production goals and specifications. Let’s illustrate this process with a graph:

These are some of the secrets that make our Woodsaka office supplies, from organizers to pen holders, stand out in terms of quality. I’ll continue our discussion about quality in my next article.


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