Introducing Desna: Woodsaka’s Elegant and Functional Wooden Office Solutions – I –

Woodsaka continues to expand with new products. As you know, some of our products come as sets, while others are available individually for your homes or offices. This time, we present Desna, which boasts a wide range of products. Currently, Desna includes nearly 20 different items designed for various needs. But that’s just the beginning. Our Desna series has the potential to accommodate even more variety.

I will, of course, dedicate separate articles to each product in the future. But first, let’s get to know Desna in general. As with all our products, the Desna series is made from high-quality natural wood, including walnut, beech, and birch plywood. The contrast between the colors of walnut and beech wood is one of the standout features of our Desna series. The birch plywood used in the back panels complements the two main colors and keeps the products lightweight.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and hand-finished, the elegant items in our Desna series are treated with natural oil. This natural oil not only protects the wood but also preserves its natural color. Thus, a Desna item in your home or office not only offers functional design but also brings a touch of nature’s color to the space.

Box joints were used to assemble the product parts. This method made working with two different wood colors more enjoyable. The color contrast at the joints gave each Desna product a sophisticated look and also ensured the products’ sturdiness. We used this technique not only on the bases and tops of the products but also, when applicable, on shelves and sometimes drawers.

So, what is a box joint? In short, a box joint is a type of wooden joint created by cutting a series of notches or profiles into two pieces of wood. These notched pieces are then glued together at right angles. Due to its large surface area, the glued joint is very strong. Box joints are commonly used for constructing wooden boards and panels, as well as for joining wider planks. It is a visually beautiful and very strong joint.

Our Desna series includes many desktop products. For example, we have a two-tier shelf measuring 34x12x13.6 cm (h). There’s also a version of this shelf divided into several compartments for varied use. We have a box measuring 34x12x19.6 cm (h) with two drawers, and another version with a third long drawer added to the bottom shelf. Or, there’s a large box measuring 35×25.5×26.4 cm (h) for storing bigger items on your desk. For your files, we have life-saving drawer boxes in A4 size with three shelves at 20 cm height, four shelves at 26.4 cm height, and five shelves at 35.8 cm height.

In short, Desna offers a range of storage and organization products in different sizes and models to meet all your office or home office needs. You can create a set based on your requirements. Whichever you choose, these products from the large Desna family will never clash in color or design on your desk. They will all harmoniously fit into your workspace.

Some products from our Desna series, which combine the dark color of walnut wood with the light color of beech wood in an elegant design, are already on the shelves. More will continue to arrive, and we will feature them here as they do.