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One of the great things about wood is its versatility to serve as the basic material for many things that we use in our daily lives. From furniture to stationary and to phone cases... We decided to create phone cases... And here we are.

For a long time now, cell phones are an essential part of our life. It is with us all day long. From business to 'socialization,' cell phones assist us. If so, why not keep this essential gadget in an elegant case? Why not 'customize' its outer look just as we customize the interior?

Maybe it is easier to put your phone in a plastic or similar case that has been available in the market for years. But, we believe that, a wood case provides a form of aesthetic that no other material could.

Our cases ensures both elegance and protection in its most perfect form. Our cases are grinded by hand and coated with natural oil to ensure sturdiness against cracking, breaking and humidity related effects. We have made all the buttons from wood, as well. Finally, we have engraved our own original patterns. Or, we found the original pattern of the wood so charming, so decided to present it to you in its very native form.

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