Why a Wood Phone Case? – WOODSAKA

Why a Wood Phone Case?

1. It is unique

As every piece of wood to create cases are different in terms of look and feel, every case is one of a kind.

2. It is durable

Aside from being made from hard wood that provides protection against hitting or dropping, the cases are subject to a special treatment to increase sturdiness.

3. It is eye-catching

Yes, this is what we are 100% sure of. From the day one you put this case on your phone, be ready for compliments.

4. Variety

Aside from the fabric of the wood and our special patterns engraved on it, the natural variety of various woods such as walnut, cherry, mahogany provides countless options.

5. Timeless beauty

Unlike cases made from plastic and other materials which lose their charm in time, wood becomes more appealing as they get old. Effects such as light and humidity enrich the fabric. It is such that you may want your case to get old as soon as possible.


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