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Copying the Nature

Copying the Nature

Every structure in our universe functions under a balance and they all support and reinforce each other - except human being. We are able to both create and destroy this balance. When creating, we are often inspired by the nature.

It is a common knowledge that planes are first inspired by birds or the spider's web inspired the production of bullet proof materials.

Building sector, too, does not shy away from copying the nature. For example, the homes that termites build as high as 2-3 meters. Even if such a height may not seem impressive at first look, in fact, relatively speaking, such a height is equivalent to Empire State Building. More interestingly, termites keep their homes at 31 degrees always and only. Even high tech AC units are not able to maintain this persistence, aren't they?

Biomimicry, that is, nature-inspired innovations... Here is Eastgate Building in Zimbabwe.

Examples abound: The self-cleaning of the leaves has inspired self-cleaning glass and paints. We copied the velcro shoe laces from a plant named xanthium strumarium.

The reflection of nature in art is endless, as well. Can you think of an art museum with no trees? Or a bird, creek, mountain, flower, leave... Impossible. Because nature is inherent in art.

Nature gives us inspiration in a wide variety of areas. The symmetry in sunflower, the geometry in honey combs, the colors fallen on the sea at sunset, the richness in the fabric of a tree...

While I was sorting out the wood cases this morning, a pattern caught my attention. First I likened it to a tulip, then to an orchid. Eventually, I decided to copy it. As a social scientist, I cannot copy the nature like a quantitative scientist. But I can do it as an artist.

I did not have much time to work on the sketch in detail. But still, I wished to share it with you.

How does it look like?


Fatma Elif

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