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Bike Ride in Morning


I believe that those who are able to commute on bicycle are very lucky for they not only manage to avoid the morning rush in their private cars or public services, they also enjoy a nice exercise. I am not one of them. My place is too far to the workshop. Therefore, except on weekends, I am not able to ride on my white bike.

Mostly, for sure. At times, small chances or short moments may involve big pleasures. I grabbed one of those rare chances this morning and, charmed by the sunlight that filled the kitchen early in the morning, I hoped on my bike even without having breakfast. I wanted to have an half half an hour ride in the nearby park.

The regular residents of the park, the dogs, were not there I was hoping to come across with another resident of the park, a tortoise whom I call "Senior," was absent, as well. If I had seen them, I wanted to take a picture of them and share it with you. But they did not.

I took a short walk under pine trees and sat on the grass which had the morning dew of the morning. I even had a chance for a brief tea time under the shadow of the trees.

I was not late to the workshop. The new batch of wooden cases had yet to be pit on the CNC. I am writing these lines in the workshop which will be soon filled with the regular noise of production.

Hope your early day is a shiny one, too.

Fatma Elif


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